Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daisy and Lilly Go On a Date

Over the years the methods of courtship and dating have changed in keeping with the times. When my hubby and I were dating we would spend the evenings in one another's company for several hours and once we parted ways and went home to our parents' homes we would spend more time together on the telephone talking with each other. Sometimes we would send each other love letters through the mail, and we have saved them to this day. Even though we lived in the same town we would send each other special little 'just because' gifts through special delivery mail to let the other know that we were thinking of them.

Today our sons are dating girls who do not live in the same town so they are very creative in their courtship. Not only do they have the telephone and the postal service at their disposal but they have the internet as well. They spend many hours, as often as possible, having dates with their girls via video chat. They are able to see each other face to face and spend that precious time getting to know each other. They still send little 'just because' gifts in the mail and daily emails as well but it is nice to be able to talk face to face.

This past week Benjamin was alone with Daisy and Lilly, because the rest of the family was in Halifax. He had planned a video chat date for Thursday night and was looking forward to seeing his girl again. He had everything set in order to enjoy his time. He had taken the dogs out for their evening walk and they were laying contentedly near him. He had his headphones on to hear the conversation and had the TV muted so it wouldn't be a distraction. Everything seemed to be set up for a perfect date night.

Lilly Rose is a nervous dog at the best of times, but add that to the fact that her mommy was away and Uncle Ben was having what must have seemed to her, to be a one sided conversation, well she got more nervous. She went over by the rocking chair and threw up! When Daisy saw Lilly throwing up, she started throwing herself against the door wanting to get her father's attention. Poor Ben had to leave his date waiting while he cleaned up the floor, comforted Lilly and let both dogs outside.

When he finally got things settled down again and got back to his date, Daisy Mae sat on his shoulder staring down at the computer screen as if to say 'did you know that Lilly was sick?'. Then Lilly decided that Uncle Ben had talked to this girl long enough and she felt ignored so she laid her whole body across his keyboard thereby blocking the screen. Ben moved Lilly and his girl found both dogs to be precious, (smart girl), and the date continued.

It's situations like this that we can tell our children and grandchildren about, the little every day comedy situations that come up. Dating might have changed over the years but the idea hasn't. It is a wonderful time to get to know each other, share laughs together and make 'remember when' moments to share in the years to come. So that is the story of how Daisy and Lilly got to be part of Ben's date. They're not too sure about this dating stuff, but they might try another one soon if Ben or Matthew will let them.

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