Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just A Simple Piece of String

I like string. You don't get to see an actual piece of string much anymore because it's just not used but I can remember a time when getting a good piece of string was commonplace. We go to the grocery stores now and buy a package of meat and it comes on a styrofoam tray with plastic heat-sealed wrap around it, but when I was little many of the smaller grocery stores still cut their own meat and wrapped it in brown paper and tied a piece of white string around the package. When we got home from the store and the meat was going to be used, the brown paper would be thrown out but the string never was. The string could still be used.

Whenever we got a good piece of string we would take it to Dad and he would get us to hold one end of it as he made a slip knot in the end and began 'knitting' it with his hands. He would make a loop and feed the long piece of string into it and work it back and forth until it made a 'stitch'. He would do this until the string was transformed into a necklace for one of us to wear.

Just like my dad would take a simple piece of string and transform it into something wonderful, so does our Heavenly Father do the same thing with our lives. He takes something ordinary and makes us into something beautiful. What could have been discarded and never developed became something special in the Creator's hands. In 1971 Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote the little chorus "Something Beautiful" and I think this little chorus sums up what I am trying to say today: we come to the Lord with nothing, as nothing, but once He takes over the mess we have made with our life, we become something beautiful, something useful and good.

(Bill Gaither / Gloria Gaither)

Something beautiful
Something good
All my confusion, He understood
All I had to offer Him was brokeness and strife
But He made something beautiful of my life

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