Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Louis L'Amour and a Kobo

My husband and I are both readers. We both love books and in fact when we were first married we would often spend our Saturdays sitting on either end of the couch each reading our own book. When we got married and left our parents' houses and got our first apartment, we had more boxes of books to move in than boxes of anything else. Our apartment storage unit was full, floor to ceiling, with boxes of books that wouldn't fit in our small apartment. We love books!

Now he has blessed me with an ereader, a Kobo, for my birthday and I love it! It has a pretty red case and I have been enjoying reading my favourite author, Louis L'Amour, on this modern piece of technology. I may be reading about cowboys and herding cows and camp fires and living off the land but I am able to do so in a way that Louis L'Amour, and especially his characters, would have never imagined.

If you are familiar with Louis L'Amour's stories he always stresses the importance of reading. Whether it is a cowboy carrying his favourite book in his saddle bags or a rough and tough rancher with a library of leather bound books, he always had characters who knew they could only benefit from reading and expanding their horizons through books. When I read a book I can get completely lost in it. The characters can become almost like close friends and a good book is well worth a second and third reading and maybe even more.

I'm thankful that my parents always read to me as a child. I grew up loving stories and receiving a gift of a book was always a special thing, and still is. One of my favourite gifts that my father gave to me was his collection of the works of Rudyard Kipling. I never tire of reading of Rikki Tikki Tavi or of Mowgli and the Jungle Book. I love the stories of the Arabian Nights and the Knights of the Round Table. Stories that never grow old and should be passed on to another generation.

I have always had a book with me whenever I leave the house and that was especially true when I was a teenager and working at a retail job and travelled by city bus to work. I would spend the time I was on the bus reading of faraway lands and peoples. On one particular day, as I was rushing to get ready to catch the bus, I realized that I had finished my latest book and had nothing to read on the way to work. When I couldn't find anything Dad suggested that I take one of his Louis L'Amour's. I had never read one before but since I enjoyed reading just about anything, including cereal boxes at the breakfast table, I figured that was as good of a choice as any other.

That first Louis L'Amour hooked me and I have loved his books ever since. I have tried over the years to collect all of the books he wrote but I haven't been able to find them all, yet. But now that my sweet husband has blessed me with a Kobo, that can hold over 1000 books on it and that I can carry everywhere with me, I will always have a good book with me. I won't have to worry about needing a storage unit to hold my collection of books.

I don't really think how you read a book is as important as the fact that you do read one. So many people don't read. They don't enjoy reading and I have always held to the idea that the reason why they don't is that they haven't found a book that interests them yet. I know that if they keep searching and keep trying to find a book that they would enjoy, they will eventually find one. There is a wonderful world out there to be discovered in a book! Read on!

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