Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oak Island Treasure

Ever since the 1700's people have gone to Oak Island, Nova Scotia to dig for buried treasure. It has long been believed that pirates cached their treasure on the island and never were able to return for it. Some say the story is just legend and others believe it to be true. I think there probably was treasure buried on the island at one point but that it has long been lost to the tides or discovered and never reported.

This past week eighteen women and I went to Western Shore to the Oak Island Resort (The Atlantica) and discovered another treasure, one more valuable than any money or gold could ever be. We discovered the presence of the Holy Spirit as we sang praises to God and were taught from His Holy Word. We had a retreat to be refreshed with fellowship and good food and services. It was our first time to organize a retreat of this scale and thankfully it went off without a hitch!

I am blessed to have such wonderful sisters-in-Christ. Our group ranged in age from 16 to 77 and yet we were all in unity worshipping our Lord. We care about each other. We laugh together and cry together and share each other's joys and sorrows. We like being with each other and share our stories, advice and dreams. Not every pastor's wife gets to minister to such a wonderful group of women, but I do and I am thankful to have been so blessed by the Lord. God is so good.

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  1. " Ohhh Laurie...This is So Good !!!! It's wonderful how the Lord gives you just the right words to say !!!! God Bless you & Thanx once again for Sharing !!!! By the way, we are truly Blessed as sisters in Christ, that God has given you to us for such a time as this !!!! " ~ Pat ~