Friday, July 22, 2011


When I was a little girl I loved going to Lockeport to see my Nanny and to stay in her big, old house. I loved the fact that she would make me butterscotch pie and corn chowder and biscuits and all of my favourite 'nanny' dishes. I loved it when she would wrap me up in her apron and snuggle me. I loved being able to walk to the beach and play for hours in the waves. I loved everything about going to see Nanny except going to bed at night.

It wasn't that I was a rebellious child about bed time but I was scared of where I had to go to bed. We always slept in a big double room, as a family. One of my sisters and I would sleep in one double bed and my parents in the other and my little brother slept in a huge crib that my father had made. My other sister would sleep with my aunt in another room. Since we kids went to bed before our parents did, there was always time that we would be alone in this room.

The problem with the room? It had a door that lead to the attic and we were scared of the attic door. We would lie in bed and imagine all kinds of scary things that could be behind that door. We imagined it opening and a hand coming out. We imagined being dragged inside by some unimaginable beast. Yup, we were pretty worked up about it. Of course there was no getting around it, we had to sleep there, so I would lay in bed staring at the attic door, ready to jump out of bed if it moved.

Many, many nights I can remember waiting until I could hear my parents coming up the steps to go to bed and then I could begin to relax. But it wasn't until I heard the slow, steady breathing of my father that I felt safe. I couldn't see him because by that time the room was very dark, but I could hear him and I knew he was there and I was safe. I have never liked the complete dark but if I knew he was there I didn't have to worry about beasts in the attic.

Even as adults we can sometimes feel scared and all alone in the dark. We can imagine all sorts of evil things that might happen to us. We can feel almost smothered by the fear, but if we remember that our Heavenly Father is right there beside us we can feel a peace that passes all understanding. Just like when I was a child and the room was dark and I had imagined myself into quite a fear, I felt better when I could feel my earthly father's presence. We can feel God's presence in our lives too if we are looking for Him. He is right there beside you. You may not be able to see Him but you can hear Him through His Word, you can feel His touch through an act of kindness from someone He sends your way and you can feel His peace when you quiet yourself before Him and allow Him to minister to your soul.

You might feel like you are all alone in the dark but you're not. He's right there next to you, keeping you safe from harm and watching over you. I have had to face many scary things in my life since that attic door but my Father has always been with me, so I am not afraid.

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the LORD thy God, He it is who doth go with thee. He will not fail thee nor forsake thee."

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