Friday, August 5, 2011

Lemonade Stand

I stopped at a lemonade stand today which was set up on the side of the road. It was being operated by two little girls who were so excited when they saw our van pulling over to buy some of their lemonade. They explained that they only had one glass left so they were closing up shop, but we paid them for two anyway. They were quite pleased with their generous tip, especially since it was at the end of their sale.

 I appreciate being able to live in an area where it is still safe for children to have lemonade stands or go door to door selling cookies. I count it as a blessing that while a small town may not have the attractions of a bigger place, we do have a simpler way of life which is still safer than many larger towns and cities. We are blessed.

I grew up this way. I can remember having lemonade stands and charging ten cents per glass. It was so discouraging when it seemed like car after car passed us by, but oh, how exciting it was when a car would pull over and we would have a real customer! My sisters and I would take our little hoard of change and usually buy an ice cream with it or sometimes we would save it for something special that we wanted to buy at the Drug Store.

It wasn't convenient for me to stop today: I was traveling at 70 km per hour on the other side of the road from the lemonade stand, but I thought I should stop to brighten up the little girls' day. So I pulled into the nearest driveway and turned around and went back. I'm glad I did because it brought back to my mind so many childhood memories of hot summer days, bees buzzing around the flowers and the smell of wild roses in the air. Memories of splashing in a two ringed, blow up swimming pool in the back yard and having a  lemonade sale to make some extra money.

The next time you see a lemonade stand, why don't you take the time to stop and enjoy a glass of cold lemonade and make some one's day? You might just find that for the cost of a glass you will get so much more with the memories it will bring back to you.

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