Monday, November 28, 2011


My Father once told me a true story of a time he thought he was going blind. It was deer hunting season and he was looking forward to leaving his desk job and getting in the woods. He had all his gear and groceries packed in a huge backpack so after being dropped off at the head of the road, after dark, he shouldered his pack and started the 16 km walk into the camp. 

He didn't mind the long walk, he had done it many times before and he knew how to pace himself. So after awhile he stopped by the side of a tree for a rest. He didn't take off his pack but just rested it up against the tree. Then his nose started bleeding. My father doesn't get many nosebleeds but when he does they're bad. He eventually got it stopped and started on his trek again. 

He had walked for quite awhile when he noticed that he couldn't see as well as he had before. He had a hard time focusing on the way ahead of him. My father has always worn glasses of quite a strong prescription and  the first thought that came into his mind was 'oh no, I'm going blind!' Can you just imagine, being alone in the woods, after dark, and thinking that you're going blind? He naturally thought that the nosebleed, an unusual occurrence for him, and the dim eyes were connected. 

Being a rational man he decided to sit down by a tree. This time he un-shouldered his pack to rest. After just resting for time, he decided to change the batteries in his flash light to see if that would help. He always keeps a spare set in his pack and it was a good thing he did that night. When the new batteries were in place and he pushed the switch to the on position, the whole forest lit up! He wasn't going blind. His batteries were dying. Relieved and feeling sheepish he continued on to the camp.

Many times we are the same way, we feel like we are walking through life blind. We are looking for direction and can't seem to find our way. We feel alone and vulnerable, surrounded by a forest of problems. But just like the answer to Dad's problem was right there in his pack all the time, so is our answer right there. We have God's Word to be our guide. It will answer any problem. It will give direction and guidance and lead you on the right path. It will help you make difficult decisions and will give you peace. Let me encourage you today to seek His guidance through His Word. Open your Bible today and begin reading.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

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