Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Casseroles

Almost eighteen years ago our baby girl was born and our lives were changed forever. Alannah has brought such joy into our hearts that its hard to imagine what life would be like without her. On Friday we will celebrate her birthday and, as we do with all of our children, I asked her if she would like to go out to a restaurant or to stay home for a special meal. She chose to stay home and have casseroles for her birthday meal. Now that's funny. Just ordinary casseroles. I offered to make a fancy lasagna, one of her favourites, or home made pizza, always  a hit, but she declined. She just wants casseroles. She likes them.

I personally think the whole meal idea of casseroles is so typically Alannah that I had to share this with you. Casseroles are comfort food; they make you feel good inside. They're made up of many different ingredients that blend together to create the finished dish with its own unique flavour. That's Alannah. She is made up of many parts that all blend together to create the woman you see. She is one of a kind.

Alannah is creative. She is not only good at making jewelery but she is a good cook and photographer, too. She can make beautiful floral arrangements and has an eye for beauty in the world around her. She can sew her own clothes and knit and is willing to try her hand at just about anything. She has laid flooring with her father and even installed a toilet. She loves to garden and produce food for others to enjoy, especially strawberries!

Alannah is compassionate. She has been teaching Sunday School since she was twelve and she loves the little children who are in her care. When they hurt they crawl onto her lap and she gladly gives them the comfort they need. She loves animals, especially her cocker spaniel, Lilly Rose. She loves seniors and sometimes bonds with them much quicker than she does girls her own age. She once told me that when she gets married she wants the older ladies of the church to be her bridesmaids simply because they are the ones she loves and who love her. I think that would be a beautiful sight to see: an honor guard so to speak of wise women who love her and who have been an example to her.

Alannah is a woman of God. She reads the Word daily and studies it. She prays. Oh, is she a prayer warrior! Every time I have been asked to speak to a group of people I have taken her with me and she has sat on the front pew and prayed for me. The first time she did this she was so young her feet didn't touch the floor, yet she sat there fervently praying that the Lord would touch people through her mama's message. I am blessed. Alannah has kept herself pure and follows after God. She lives to please Him. She is quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness.

Alannah is unique. She is modest and she is a lady in the truest sense of the word. She isn't swayed by popular opinion but relies on the Word to be her guide. She is fiercely loyal and protective. She is the friend you want to have. If ever I knew a true Proverbs 31 woman, it would be Alannah. She is wise beyond her years and is excited about what God has in store for her.

 In September she is going off to university to become a teacher. I'm so happy for her. This is a dream come true. She wanted to attend a Christian university and the Lord has opened the door for her to do so. She is so much a part of my life that I don't even want to think about not having her around all the time, but I wouldn't wish it to be any other way. I know that she is going to be a wonderful teacher and that many young lives will be changed because of her.

So to celebrate this wonderful woman God has brought into all of our lives, we are having casseroles. Not a very fancy meal; not ostentatious in the least. A meal of many layers and ingredients. A meal that brings comfort and makes you feel good. Yes, a casserole is the perfect meal to celebrate Alannah.

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