Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Running Hard To You

When I was in elementary school I was bullied. It started in kindergarden and her name was Tina. She lived next door to me and she delighted in making my life miserable. She would go to the front of the classroom to sharpen her pencil and as she passed by my desk she would jab me with it on my arm. She once stole my tricycle and pushed it into the brook. She would push me and hit me any chance she could. She stole my marbles and even smashed my mayonnaise jar which was holding a caterpillar for show and tell. Yes, she was mean. I can remember waiting for the dismissal bell to ring so I could grab my book bag and get out of school before she did so I would have a head start on her. But it never worked. She was always faster. But if I could get her hands off me I would start to run. I would run hard, pumping my little legs in fear, hoping she wouldn't catch me. I knew that if I could just get inside the screen door of our house I would be safe because Mom would be there. Tina tormented me for two years....until we moved to a new town.

In each grade I seemed to find a new tormentor, but I knew that school was only for part of the day and if I could run hard to get home, I would be safe. God protected me. Yes, I was afraid and yes, what I went through severely affected my decision to home school our children, but it could have been so much worse. God watched over me. And those experiences taught me so many things. I learned to rely on God to be my Friend. He will never leave you. He will only do good for you. He will protect you and watch over you. I know that if I am facing a trial, I need to run to Him. If I am afraid, I need to run to Him. When I am being tempted, again I run to Him. Where He is, I am safe from all harm. 

Today our schools have really cracked down on bullying, as they should. But no amount of rules will ever stop the bullies of the world. But what we need to know is Who to run to. You don't have to live in fear. God is watching over you. He will take care of you. Satan is the world's biggest bully. He loves to intimidate God's children. He loves to beat them up and torment them. And sometimes we can feel defeated when we are trying to fight him on our own. We need to remember that Satan was defeated at Calvary. Yes, "he is roaming about the earth seeking whom he can devour" (1 Peter 5:8) but we are "more than conquerors through Christ Jesus" (Romans 8:37). God is waiting for you with open arms. Run hard to Him and find safety. 

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:4

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