Monday, December 31, 2012

Faith and Family

Our eldest son, Benjamin, was recently married and in my husband's toast to the couple he welcomed Verny to our family. He told her that our lives have been built on "faith and family" and how true that has been. Those words caused me to reflect over the past almost thirty years that we have been a family. We have seen God's hand in our lives and have trusted Him to care for us. He has never disappointed us. He has never let us down.

There have been times when we didn't know how things could work out but He has always made them to and we have been careful to thank Him for being there for us once again. As our children were growing up we were always conscious to point out how God worked in a situation for us so that they would grow up realizing how important their faith in Him is. We still do this today. Time and time again God has provided for us and cared for us and we give Him all the credit.

Our faith in God is the most important part of our family; its what binds us together. We have a common purpose: to see God move in our lives. We have taught our children that when we honor God by obeying His commandments, He will honor us by providing and caring for us. Our children grew up seeing us putting our words into actions and now that they are on their own they are doing the same. The faith will continue.

Before I married my husband in 1985 there was only one "Mrs. Pass" in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, today there are four: my mother-in-law, myself and our two daughters-in-law. Our family is growing and our faith is too. As our sons begin their families I have full confidence that their lives will be built on faith and family as well.

Over the past year our family has seen many changes. We have had three graduations, two weddings, one child going off to university, one trip to Africa, one to Tennessee, recovery from one major surgery and many other 'big' life events. But through it all faith in God and the love of family have held us all together. There is nothing better, no greater advice I could give to someone starting out. If you want to have a successful life keep faith and family as your building blocks.

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