Monday, January 21, 2013

Keeper of the Home

I was watching a decorating show the other day on TV. A Jewish couple were shopping for a new house and one of the requirements was that it have a Kosher kitchen. It had to have two prep areas, two refrigerators, two dishwashers and two sinks to keep the dairy and meat products separated. That was a unique request to the hosts of the program but they accepted the challenge and proceeded to build house with a dream kitchen for the couple. But what struck me the most was when the husband said of his wife:
 "Leta keeps a good Jewish home and she deserves a good kitchen". What wonderful praise this husband gave his wife. 

According to Titus 2, ladies, we are all to be keepers of the home. The Greek word translated “keepers at home” is oikourous. This word comes from two Greek words. The first, oikos, means a house or a household or family. The second, ouros, refers to a keeper, watcher or guardian, i.e., one who has the oversight and responsibility for something. Thus, the basic meaning of oikourous is that of a “housekeeper,” that is, one who watches over a household and family, seeing to it that all members are cared for, and all things maintained in good order.  A keeper of the home is an important position to have and one which is clearly outlined in Proverbs 31. 

I have always tried to be a good keeper of the home. I love my God-given position and I take it seriously. Knowing this, you will understand how much I love any cost cutting tips I can learn. I love preparing and cooking healthy, delicious meals and being able to make something instead of buying it just makes me happy. I have had a wonderful woman in my life who teaches me and shares the things she has learned over the years. I am blessed to know Pam. 

 My friend Pam Chase is an amazing woman and has been a dear friend of mine for over 20 years. She has raised eight children and is super organized and an efficient home maker. I have learned so much from her example and I am thankful the Lord brought our paths together so many years ago. Pam loves the Lord and has always kept a Christian home. She is an excellent example of a Christian wife and mother and she is a true keeper of the home. 

Pam has a monthly menu plan for her family and does her grocery shopping once a month. She's super organized and if there's a way to make a dollar stretch Pam knows it. Pam even makes her own yogurt! Today, I want to share her recipe for home made yogurt with you. Not only is it a huge cost saving but is delicious as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 

2 litres  whole milk
place in a slow cooker, put on low for 2 hours

after 2 hours unplug the cooker, let it sit 2 hours to cool down (you should be able to put your finger in it for 10 sec...otherwise its too hot)

after the 2 hours, add 1 cup of plain yogurt with active culture...make sure it has active cultures....stir it in. You can also add some sugar or Splenda to taste...(just a couple of tablespoons is all you need, you can also add a T of vanilla extract)

wrap the slow cooker in a big towel, so it can cool down slowly (the towel is a very important part) let sit 8 hrs and voila! you have yogurt. I time it so I can do all the steps and let it sit overnight.
If its the consistency you like then put in your yogurt container and refrigerate. Keep 1 cup for your next batch (you can freeze it until you make your next batch)
Now if it is not as thick as you would's what you do. Take a large colander and put it over a large pot or bowl...I use a glass bowl. Line the colander with coffee filters, pour the yogurt into it and let it drain until the desired thickness. You can use the liquid (whey) for other things, soups, stews etc..and even stir some back in if you drain it too can also let it drain until the yogurt is a ball...that's yogurt cheese...great for cheese based dips etc...

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