Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day: Who Has The Time?

Today is Mother's Day. For some its a day of breakfast in bed made by little hands. For others its a phone call or a bouquet of flowers. For others it is a day to remember a loving mother who has gone into eternity. It becomes a day of sadness and longing. Mother's Day is not always a happy day because no matter how many reminders we see on the news or on Facebook or in the card stores, some people just don't bother recognizing all that their mother has done for them.

Each year, as Mother's Day, is approaching I purposely try to minister to those who I know will be missing their mom. I pray extra hard for them to be comforted by good memories of their mother. I try to help the forgetful by mentioning during the announcements at church that Mother's Day is coming soon as a hint to dad's who might have forgotten or teens who might let it slip their mind.

 You see, Mother's Day isn't that simple anymore. We live in a society which is so self centered that it has no room for sentimentality such as a day to honor our mothers. Oh, we let it slip our mind because 'we're so busy' and besides 'Mom will understand' or 'it doesn't matter if the card I sent gets there late'. Yes, it does! It does matter.

There is a special, dear woman in our church who has a beautiful servant's heart. She willingly serves her grown children, doing as much as possible for them to help make their lives better. She serves in her church doing anything that is needed and going above and beyond to find anything that might need to be done. Yet, each year I know that Mother's Day is a very hard day for her. It's a hard day because none of her children recognize her. There are no cards, no presents, not even a phone call to say 'thanks Mom'. Each year this dear lady comes into church broken in spirit because once again she has been neglected by her children.

This breaks my heart and I pray for her to be comforted. I know God does sustain her and will lift her up from her sorrow but how simple it would be for her children to just give her a phone call on Mother's Day. This dear lady never asks for anything for herself, she just gives and gives, like so many mothers. But doesn't everyone like to be recognized every once in awhile?

Just before Mother's Day this year, I encouraged the people of our church, especially those who do not have a living mother, to reach out to other mothers and bless them on this special day as an act of honoring their own mothers. I don't know how many did but I would like to think that some did. The Bible tells us to 'honor our Father and our Mother' and I believe that we can continue to honor our parents long after they're gone by doing something nice for some other father or mother who is living.

Its great to put flowers on the grave of our departed parent but how much better would it be to take that same amount of money and use it to bless some living mother who maybe doesn't have thoughtful children. Just a thought, but something worth considering. When I bless someone by being thoughtful I am reflecting the values and qualities which my own dear mother instilled in me. I become a reflection of her. I can think of no better way to honor my mother than to show a kindness to another mother who needs it.

So take the time to show a kindness every now and then, but especially on Mother's Day. If your own mother is living, don't forget her. It doesn't take much to phone her and say 'thanks Mom'. If your mother is no longer living, instead of dreading the coming of Mother's Day each year, use that time to bless others in honor of your Mom.

Mother's Day. Who has the time? We all do.

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