Friday, June 21, 2013

The View From My Lounge Chair

As I write this I am sitting in my lounge chair, which is usually taken by our Basset Hound, Duke. The double spruce tree is hanging over me and the dogs are contentedly playing in the yard. I have two cakes cooling on the kitchen counter for the bake sale tomorrow and the cabinet which I painted a glossy black this morning is still giving off its fumes, so its better to be outdoors. But I'd rather be here anyway. This is my favourite spot. I have a great view of the pond and can hear the frogs croaking at each other and the birds singing their songs from the apple trees. Its peaceful and beautiful and I am humbled by all that the Lord has blessed me with.

Every time I sit here I am reminded once again of all He has done for me and I am awed that He would love me so much. Me. The God of all creation loves me so much that He cares about the details of my life. He speaks to my soul and reminds me every day that He is here with me. Isn't that amazing? So many people have this idea that God is some remote being somewhere 'up there' Who is just waiting for us to trip up so He can squash us like a bug. But God isn't like that at all.

When you think that God didn't have to create us even to begin with it sort of gives you the idea that maybe, just maybe, He wanted to. He had already created everything else but something was missing: someone He could talk to. He wanted and wants to have a relationship with us and if you take the time to listen, He will speak to you and He will reveal Himself to you through His creation. So when I am sitting here in my lounge chair I am reminded once again of His love for me and that He wants to spend time with me. This is my special place with God. I spend time thanking Him for Who He is and just being with Him.

I hope that you have a special place where you can be alone with God and that you take the time to worship Him there. We were created for fellowship with Him. We were created to be His companion. Abraham was called 'a friend of God' and that is my desire: to be called a friend of God.

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