Friday, January 3, 2014

Duke and Maggie Go On a Hunt

As most of you know, we are the proud 'parents' of two beautiful Basset Hounds named Duke and Maggie. Although Bassets were originally bred to be hunters, ours are not. The most excited they ever get is when someone comes to the door and they become the official welcoming committee. But today was different because today Duke and Maggie had their first 'hunt'.

 We live in the country surrounded by fields and a pond so its inevitable that every now and then a mouse or other little critter will get in the house. Today it was a little mole that got in, probably trying to keep warm from all the snow we've experienced. Duke had been sleeping in front of the kerosene heater when suddenly he heard the scurrying of the mole. He jumped up; arms and legs going every which way and ran to find the varmint. He and Maggie cornered it behind the china cabinet. When I moved the freezer, which was next to it, the mole ran out. Duke grabbed it in his mouth and then realized that there was something alive in there so he threw his head back causing the mole to hit me in the chest (yes I screamed), then it ran away without anyone being able to catch it. 

Later this afternoon, the either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid mole returned. Duke and Maggie cornered it again and chased it towards me in the laundry room. I heard the squeaking coming towards me, grabbed the hammer and screamed for my husband to come. I threw him a baseball bat and the rest is history. We praised our `hunters`` and told them how proud we were of them, ha ha. They may not be traditional hunters like true hunting dogs but we love them just the same. 

We had quite an exciting day and our babies were all played out from their big hunt. They were content to return to their spots on the couch, curled up under a blanket and being loved for the couch potatoes they are. 

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