Monday, March 10, 2014

Puppy Love Is...

It has been said that a dog is the only thing that will love you more than it loves itself and that's true. God made dogs to be our companions, our protectors and a perfect illustration of His unconditional love. We have been blessed with our own pack which consists of Lilly Rose, the six year old Cocker Spaniel and Duke Jedediah and Maggie Mae the two year old Basset Hounds. I've had people ask me why we want so many dogs and to be honest I just answer 'why not?' and wonder if they've ever had the love of a dog. I don't think they have or they wouldn't be asking a question like that. I have compiled a short list of what love is, at least in regards to our dogs. I hope you enjoy it.

Love is...keeping a foot stool at the end of your bed so your dogs can get in bed easier.
Love is...making sure the dogs are comfortable and tucked in even if you have to sleep in contortions you never thought you were capable of.
Love is...getting up to let them outside when they are sure they heard something move out there and they must check it out.
Love kisses in the middle of the night because they have a nightmare and need comforting.
Love is...making sure their food dish is full before your own is.
Love is...going for that walk even when you don't feel like it.
Love is...hating to leave home to run errands and looking forward to being back with the dogs as soon as possible.
Love is...doing a routine check of the fence line to make sure your 'babies' are safe.
Love is...knowing how blessed you really are to be the 'mom' to your own pack of fur babies.

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