Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love Letters

I have a precious collection of love letters that my husband sent me while we were dating. I keep them in a box, wrapped with a red ribbon and every now and then I take them out and read a few. They're special to me because he cared enough to put his thoughts and feelings down on paper. In a world where texting and emailing are the vogue, I love the fact that I have an old fashioned husband who still, every now and then, writes me a love note. 

Most of these love letters are over thirty years old but they are just as precious to me as the day I received them. Even though we lived only a few streets from each other before we were married and even though we saw each other every day and talked on the phone every day, he still wrote me love letters. His letters showed me his heart and helped me know the man I would one day marry. I have kept them all these years because they are a part of him and because of that they are special to me. 

God has written a love letter to us to show us His heart. He has written down His thoughts and feelings so that we might know Him better. He loves us with an everlasting love. His Word, the Bible, is His lasting love letter. Its precious and should be kept safe. I cringe when I see a Bible carelessly left on the floor or thrown aside with its cover bent. That's bad enough but its worse when I see a Bible which is years old but looks brand new because it has never been read on a regular basis.

God's Word is the living Word. Its meant to be read and not just once in a long time like I read my husband's love letters from long ago. We need to be in the Word, reading it, savoring it, digesting it and applying it to our life every day. When we read the Word, we can feel God close to us almost as if He is looking over our shoulder and showing us what He wants to say to us for that particular day. He loves us and He tells us through His Word.

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