Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blessed to be Serving

For the past almost nine years my husband and I have been blessed to be serving as pastors of Island Gospel Tabernacle, a church on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Every year the congregation honors me for Pastor's Wife Appreciation Day, yet it completely blows me away every time because of their generosity and kindness towards me.

I don't serve to be recognized. Truthfully, I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I love being there to help people. I don't mind the calls for help or the emails for advice. I love that part of my calling. My husband was once talking with another pastor who was commenting on the older pastors in our district. He said 'these old guys can't imagine doing anything but pastoring, but me, well I could be happy pumping gas.' That bothered both of us because this is our life. This is what we do and we love it.

Not everyone sees what we do as a calling, some view it as a job. It isn't. I don't think it can be if you want to have any longevity in ministry because when times get hard and you feel all alone you rely on the fact that you are working for the Lord and not people. That's what gets you through those times.

I am so thankful the Lord brought us to IGT. It is a church that is made up of very sincere, loving people who are eager to know more of the Lord. We have celebrated with their victories and cried over their disappointments and defeats. They have become family to us and we are blessed. Below is a picture of me holding the cake they presented me with.

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