Monday, April 25, 2016

The Original Gardener

When God was creating the world one of the first things He did was to create a garden for man to live in so it should come as no surprise that He did what He did yesterday, but He still amazes me every day.

We have an area at the back of our house that has been used for years, by previous owners and tenants as a dumping ground for all sorts of things. I cleaned this area every summer for the first three years that we've owned our home and last summer we hired the church youth group to do what we had hoped would be the last cleaning of it. But once the snow disappeared this year the ground that had been free of debris one season before is now covered with glass that has been pushed to the surface by the winter's frost. Needless to say it's not safe to walk there or even for my husband to mow. 

Something had to be done. Being a gardener I came up with the idea of making a back yard garden area covered with ground cloth, to prevent weeds, and covered with mulch. I didn't want to plant flowers or anything else that would require extensive digging in glass laddened ground. So I decided I should plant several bushes that would fill in the area and prevent anyone from walking there and getting cut with the glass that seems to multiply every year. Because I love colour I decided I'd like to get a few forsythias. 

I mentioned this to my husband and he agreed that would be a good idea and asked how many bags of mulch I'd like because he usually gets me gardening supplies for Mother's Day. I told him and the plan to create this garden, after Mother's Day, was in place...or so I thought. 

That was until last night. As we arrived home from church we noticed our neighbour riding his lawn mower down the road. He came over to talk. He had been working all week at his mother's house, across the street from our house, cleaning up the yard and trimming her bushes and trees. He asked if we'd like any forsythias! Of course I said that we'd love them so he told me where they were and told me to help myself to them and that there were honeysuckle there as well so I should help myself to whatever I wanted.

How great is that!? God is so good! I hadn't prayed for forsythia but He knew the desires of my heart. The Master Gardener wants me to put honeysuckle in my new garden as well, so I will and this garden will be my favourite because He supplied the bushes. Thank you Lord.

"If you being evil can give your children good gifts how much more can your Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him."  Matthew 7:11

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