Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Merry Christmas" And Other Such Hills

We live in a 'politically correct' world today where it is improper to say certain things and most of these changes were badly needed. I grew up in an age before political correctness came into being yet I was still taught that certain things just didn't need to be said. We never used the 'N' word when refering to a black person, yet others did including some black people, but we didn't. And we didn't need the government telling us that we shouldn't use that word. It just wasn't nice so we didn't do it.

But as with most things, something that started off with good intentions has, like a stubborn horse, grabbed the bit in it's mouth and is running out of control. Many schools have stopped singing the national anthem to start the day because it might offend someone from another country. But if I go to another country I would expect that things would be different than in my home country and I would expect to hear the national anthem. But we want to seem agreeable so we laid down our arms on that hill.

When I was a child I recited the Lord's prayer in school, but we can't do that anymore because we might offend someone of a different religion than Christianity. Our Parliment buildings have Scriptures carved into the very stones that make them up, but we can't recite a prayer in school. If the Christian population of Canada had  insisted that we continue praying in school we wouldn't be where we are now, but we wanted to seem agreeable so we laid down our arms on that hill too.

Over the past few years the trend has been to take the word 'Christmas' out of Christmas. It is politically incorrect to say "Merry Christmas", instead we are told to say "Happy Holidays", but what holiday are you wishing someone happiness on?? Christmas. It even says so on the calendar. On Dec. 25 on your calendar it does not say "holiday" it says "Christmas". We sing Christmas carols, we bake Christmas cake, we send Christmas cards and..... you get my point.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because whether you believe it or not Jesus Christ was born to save all people from their sins and end their separation from a holy God. His name was not Jesus Holiday. It was Jesus Christ which is where we get the word Christmas. We celebrate His birth. When we take Christ out of Christmas we are denying His importance completely.I can say Happy Holidays all I want but it won't change the fact that it is still Christmas because Christ was born. He lived 33 yrs on this earth. That's a historical and Scriptural fact that can't be changed just because some people are offended by His existence.

We have a choice:  to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday. Will we allow political correctness to take Christ out of Christmas or will we choose to take this hill and plant our flag of Christianity on top? Will we choose to fight to save "Merry Christmas" or will we just lay down our arms again? We don't need to fight in a militant or angry or rude way. We just need to be quietly insistant. Just like I was taught, long before political correctness came along, that we just don't say certain words, we need to teach our children that we say Merry Christmas because of Christ and what He did for the world. We don't say Happy Holidays, because it just isn't nice.

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