Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Stand Alone

Sometimes the Lord will ask you to something that the people around you won't understand. But if you know it is from the Lord, you willingly take that step of faith and launch out into unknown territory, knowing that you will probably be standing alone. Of course you have God on your side but sometimes no one on this earth will stand with you.

 When we heard from God that  He wanted us to go off to Bible college to prepare ourselves for full time ministry, we had church people say we were crazy and that Brad should go and I should stay behind in our house with the three kids. We had unsaved people thinking that we were religious fanatics that had finally gone too far. People didn't understand. We felt very alone but God had spoken to us and asked us to trust Him and let go of our security. And so we did.

When we knew that God was calling us to leave our first pastorate, after four and a half years,  we were grieved in our hearts because we loved the people and hated to leave them. But we knew that our time there was over and that by staying we would be out of God's will and would thereby hurt the church. So tearfully, we resigned and watched the gamut of emotions play over the congregation's faces. There was everything from anger and to genuine sadness.   Many of the people knew that we were following God and although they didn't like it, they supported us and remained friends to this day.

Not everyone is going to applaud you for following God's leading. They'll question whether you really heard from God or if it is your own inclination you are following. They'll ask you things like 'why would God ask you to do that?' and 'Are you sure it's God's voice you're hearing and not your own?' Those type of questions not only hurt but they also isolate you from everyone around you who does not understand the idea of following God at any cost.

Sometimes you have to stand alone. Sometimes no one will understand you or your choices, but stand strong. If God has asked you to do it, He will support you. He will stand by you. You will not have to be alone. Sometimes you have to take a stand. The Lord called Jeremiah when he was only a boy and told him he would be asked to preach to a rebellious nation. The Lord told Jeremiah that the people would ridicule him and not listen to him. God even went so far as to tell Jeremiah not to worry about the dirty looks they would give him. Do not be afraid of their faces; for I am with you to deliver you, says Jehovah.
Jer 1:8

That's a God that cares about the details! God knows that following Him and His leading won't always make us popular. People won't always agree with us and if it affects them in a way that makes them uncomfortable, well sometimes we will have to stand alone. But as a child of God who walks with Him and relies on Him, we are never truly alone. We always have Him by our side. I would much rather be called a 'friend of God' as Abraham was than to worry about having any other friend. I live my life to please Him and that is the only thing that is important. 

Be encouraged the next time you have to do something that isn't that popular but you know it's what God wants you to do. Don't worry about the dirty looks or the hateful attitudes. Don't worry about the arguments that arise. God is your shield and your buckler. He is your defender and your guide. He is ever faithful and true and He will bless you abundantly for following Him at any cost. Your walk with Him will be richer and fuller than you ever thought possible. God bless. 

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