Saturday, February 4, 2012

In The Morning I WILL Sing!

"But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble."

(Psalm 59:16)

I love this verse! It is with determination that the psalmist proclaims that he WILL sing of the Lord's strength and His love. He will proudly tell anyone who will listen how the Lord is his fortress and refuge. I love how he even puts when he will do it too: in the morning, when he first wakes up he will begin singing the praises of God. 

How do you start your day?Do you start off by thanking the Lord for His goodness and mercy to you? Do you wake with a song on your heart? Maybe you do but maybe not because of cares worries that you are carrying around by yourself. Let me encourage you to be determined to praise the Lord as this psalmist was. I WILL says a lot. 

We have so much to praise the Lord for. He is our refuge in times of trouble. We can always run to Him and know that we are safe. He is our protector and our shield. He loves us and cares for us. (Psalm 91) Praise the Lord!

Tennessee has some of the strongest rain storms I have ever experienced; they actually make our Nova Scotia rain storms seem quite mild in comparison. During one particularly bad spring rain I heard a robin singing. He was singing for all he was worth, even though it was raining and no other bird was in sight. I went outside to see if I could spot him in the tree and sure enough there he was, not far from our window, sitting on a low branch, completely soaked and singing. 

We can be like the rest of the birds and refuse to sing when we have burdens or cares or we can choose to be like this one plucky little bird and sing for all to hear of the wonders of our Lord. The Word says that all of creation shall praise Him and I believe that day the robin was doing just that. 

In the morning I WILL sing!

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