Friday, February 17, 2012

What Do You Do With A Bookcase?

What do you do with a bookcase that you no longer have room for? You make a movable pantry! Because our house is over 150 yrs old, it has a quirky kitchen layout and not enough cupboards. I had this dead space of 14 inches beside the fridge that seemed to be a catch all for everything, so I got this bright idea to attach a plywood base to the bottom of the bookcase and attach wheels. 

In our house I dream up the ideas and my sweet hubby helps me achieve them. He and our oldest son, Benjamin, built me my pantry today in under a half hour and I couldn't be more pleased! First they laid the plywood on the floor and then stood the bookcase on top of it. Next they traced a pencil line around the edge of the bookcase and then cut it out using a hand saw. Once they had the piece of plywood the right size they drilled holes for the allen key bolt receptors which would hold on the wheels. Then they attached the wheels and nailed the plywood onto the base of the bookcase using finishing nails. To finish off the project they attached a cupboard drawer pull to the side of the bookcase to make it easier to pull out and to look nice. 

Below are two pictures showing you the finished project. 

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