Friday, January 4, 2013

How Can I Trust Him?

I have a deep faith in God. Its not just that I believe in Him but I trust Him. I really trust Him. Even when my problems or concerns seem completely insurmountable I still trust Him. Some have thought that makes me naive. Others have condescendingly said that I have a 'simple faith'. I guess I do. A friend of mine, who is a song writer and singer, wrote a song as a tribute to me called 'Your Faith Amazes Me', (thank you Pam Chase). A little while ago I shared a concern I had with my dear friend Anita Green. She answered back with her concerns about the same situation, but I assured her that I knew God could handle this without my help and that He, alone, can make an impossible situation possible. To that she answered this: "You my dear are a pillar of strength.  A tower of blessed love.  A seeker of the best." Anita is very descriptive in her speech and is a great encourager, but I appreciated the compliment. But to be honest I don't think that I deserved the compliment, I believe that the accolades belong to my Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

You see, it was Him, not me, Who walked on water, Who parted the Red Sea, Who fed over one million people in the desert for forty years, Who made blinded eyes see again, Who caused the dumb to speak, Who caused a virgin to bear His one and only Son, Who took the whole world's sins, including mine, upon Himself and bore my punishment and shame so that I wouldn't have to pay for those sins. He was the One who lead the children of Israel with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. He was the One who saved Noah and his family from the flood which covered the whole earth. He was the One, not me.

He is God and I am not. That might seem like a simple statement but its so true and I remind myself of it every time I get a hint of doubt in my faith. He's God and I am not. He is the One who spoke, just spoke, and formed everything: the stars, the planets, the birds, animals, water, mountains, everything. He did and not me. So why would I ever presume to know how best to solve my problems? Why would I ever doubt Him or His ability to fix my problems? He's God and I am not. 

Only God, the Creator of all, Who loves me so very much deserves my unwavering trust and faith. Only God. How can I trust Him? That's easy. He's God and I am not. I can trust Him to answer my prayers when I pray. I can trust Him to always be there watching over me. I can trust Him with my life because He only wants the best for me because He has loved me with an everlasting love. 

When everything is confusing and the enemy makes you think the situation is impossible look up because you can trust God. You can really trust Him. He will take care of you. He will speak to your storm and command it to be still (He's done it before He can do it again.) He's God and we're not. We can't solve our problems but God can. We can't make things make sense but God can. Trust Him. Have faith, real faith. He'll never let you down or disappoint you. 

Yes, I do have a simple faith and yes, I do tend to see the best in every person and situation. Why? Well, the answer to that is an easy one....because I trust God. He has my back. 

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