Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Children of the World--Abdalla Servant of God

This is a children's story I wrote to share with our Missions Kids. I hope your little one enjoys it.

Abdalla knew that her name meant servant of God. She felt pretty special when she learned what her name meant. Abdalla loved God with all her heart. Her Mama taught her about Jesus when she was very little and now she was a big girl of nearly eight years old.

Abdalla was excited because today was the first day of school. Teacher told her that she would be sitting on the second bench with the other grade two students and she couldn’t wait. But that was many hours away. First she had her chores to do.

It was still dark outside but she knew that she had to walk to the watering hole to get the family’s water for the day. Usually Mama would go with her but today Mama had to stay with her new baby sister and cook breakfast for the family. In Kenya, girls had to carry water. Her brothers were already in the fields tending the family’s goats.

Abdalla was so glad she wasn’t a boy. The bleating of the goats attracted lions and leopards and even cheetahs. They were really scary! It was still scary having to get the water every morning and every evening but not as scary as she imagined it would be if she had goats with her attracting big cats.

Mama gave her the big water jug and kissed her on her forehead. She told her not to be afraid. “Remember, Abdalla, God tells us to be strong and courageous.” She knew Joshua 1:9 well. Every time she was afraid she would repeat it to herself and God always made her feel better.

There was a pathway through the tall grass that lead to the watering hole. As Abdalla walked she tried not to brush against the grass. She didn’t want the sound to carry and some big animal to come after her. Quiet as a mouse she walked, alone and in the dark, with only the stars overhead and the moon to light her path.

As she approached the watering hole she heard two elephants having their morning bath. She’d have to wait until they were finished before she could approach the watering hole. Abdalla loved elephants. God had made them so big and wrinkly. Their beautiful black eyes had long eyelashes and their mouths always made them look like they were smiling under their long trunk. But Abdalla knew they were still wild animals and she shouldn’t go near them.

After a little while the elephants moved off through the grass. Abdalla checked but couldn’t see any other animals around the water so she carefully lowered her jug into the water. It didn’t take long for it to fill to the top. She put the top back on and tried to lift the jug to her shoulder like Mama always did, but it was too heavy! She couldn’t lift it that high.

Oh, what was she going to do? Her family needed the water badly. She just had to get it back somehow. Abdalla remembered Mama telling her “Abdalla if you are in trouble or you don’t know what to do, ask God to help you and He will.” So Abdalla sat down on top of the jug and bowed her head and prayed. “Dear God, please help me. I’m so little and I’m not strong enough to lift this heavy jug. I need your help. Amen.”

After Abdalla finished saying her prayer a Bible verse came into her mind right away: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. She had learned that in Sunday School. Suddenly Abdalla looked down and there was a huge dragon tree leaf. It was a thick, leathery leaf that was almost three feet long. That’s just the thing she needed!
Abdalla excitedly lifted her jug onto this huge leaf and used it as a wagon for her water. She pulled the leaf and it glided smoothly along the well-worn path. And what was even better, it hardly made a sound.

By the time Abdalla arrived home, the sun was coming up. It would soon be time for school. Abdalla ran into the house, excited to tell Mama how God had helped her so much already this day. He helped make her brave when she remembered Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous” and He helped her when she couldn’t lift the jug and she remembered Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And He even gave her a dragon tree leaf to use as a wagon.

Mama was so proud of Abdalla because she trusted in God and knew His Word. These were the best things in the world for a Mama to be proud of. 

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