Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Bonnets

When my siblings and I were growing up Mom always made sure we had a new outfit for Easter. Sometimes it would be a new outfit that  she had bought for us but some years were really special because she would make my sisters and me a new dress. Mom loved to sew and would often stay up late into the night to finish a project that she just couldn't leave. 

I remember one dress in particular that she made for me. It was a long, pale blue dress with white lacy sleeves and matching blue cuffs. I was either 11 or 12 and I thought I was so grown up because, in my mind, only grown up girls got to wear see through sleeves. I was so proud to go to church on Easter Sunday morning wearing that dress. 

We always went to church every Sunday but Easter was an extra special Sunday for us all. We usually went to my grandmother's house for the Easter weekend and when we got out of bed in the morning we found that the Easter bunny had come and brought us a basket full of candy eggs and a chocolate bunny. We'd have a small gift too like a kite or a bottle of bubbles to take outside and blow after church. 

After breakfast we'd get dressed in our new Easter outfit and we'd walk to church. I loved going to church and Easter was one of my favourite times. I was always sad when I heard how Jesus died on the cross; how He suffered and died for my sins. But when the minister talked about how He rose again on the third day I was so happy. I was so glad to know that He's alive! I still get thrilled when I hear those words!

This is the first Easter since my Mom has gone to Heaven and I'm missing her more than ever. My Mom had Parkinson's Disease and had all of the problems that come with that dreaded disease but she never stopped wanting to be in church and being involved. A few years ago I was invited to speak to a ladies group in Mom's home church. We were encouraged to decorate a hat to make an Easter bonnet. Our daughter Alannah and I had just been to Africa so we wore our safari hats decorated with our African beads and stuffed African animals. Mom and her care worker decorated her hat. I was so glad Mom was able to be there with us. 

I will probably always miss my Mom more at times like these: special holidays and special events. I'm so thankful that not only did she create traditions with us such as new Easter clothes, but she instilled in us the true meaning of Easter by taking us to church. I am 52 years old and I have never missed an Easter in church. The candy and new clothes were nice parts of it but sitting with my Mom in church was the greatest part of all.

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