Thursday, April 23, 2015

He Comforts The Broken Hearted

I lost my Mom on Dec 21st, 2014 but my eyes still leak. Almost every day tears fall unbidden down my cheeks, sometimes even when I haven't consciously thought about her. They're just there. It's not that I don't have faith and that I don't know where she is, no on the contrary. I know she is very much alive and is living in Heaven with the Lord. I know that. And I'm not angry with God for taking her because I know that it was her time to go and He had mercy on her and took her out of her suffering. But I miss my Mom.

I miss being able to hear her voice and hear her laugh. I miss talking to her every day. I miss being able to share things with her. I miss her. 

My grandmother was three years old when her mother died. She told me that on the day her mother died, my grandmother sat in a corner of the kitchen and cried for her mama. As she told me this, she cried. I don't know if I will ever stop crying for my mom. Sometimes I feel like I am that three year old little girl. 

As I was sitting here this morning reading my email and catching up on Facebook, I noticed that once again tears were falling down my cheeks. I hadn't been thinking of Mom, that I know of, but there they were again. I realized that there is so much grief inside of me that it leaks out of my eyes. So I prayed and asked God to comfort me and He did. As soon as I prayed Duke woke up and came over to me and cried for me to pick him up. When I did, he nuzzled his big head under chin and promptly went to sleep. 

As I held his big body next to mine I cried again, this time thanking the Lord for bringing me comfort once again when I needed it. You might think that was a coincidence but I know it's not. God heard my prayer and sent me help in the form of a Basset Hound named Duke. 

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