Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Pond

We are blessed to have a natural pond in our back yard . It's probably my favourite place to be. It may only be a few yards from the house but when I walk around the barn and the pond comes into view, I am instantly transported into another world. At times it's my place of solitude where I can be alone to enjoy all that God has created and at others it is a place of laughter and sharing with friends and family gathered around a fire.
To someone driving by it probably just looks like a random pond, no big deal. But what they don't realize is that almost every day a great blue heron comes to the pond for his lunch and he steals a few more of my fish. They don't know that the toads that live there make a distinctly different sound from the thousands of frogs which also sing to me every night. They probably wouldn't see the pair of morning doves as they carefully inch their way down the big rock in the middle of the pond to get a sip of water. And they most certainly wouldn't know of the joy it can be to sit with the one you love, late at night, as the fire is dying down and watch the musk rats playing together in the water. 
No, to people just driving by, it's just a pond, no big deal. But to me it's so much more.
It's my sanctuary and I thank God for it. Let me encourage you to take time to be still. Find that quiet place and refresh your soul. 
Here is a beautiful hymn that sums up what I'm trying to say:

Come away with me to a quiet place, 
apart from the world with its frantic pace, 
to pray, reflect, and seek God's grace. 
Come away with me. Come away. 

Come and pray with me on a gentle sea, 
on top of a hill in the Galilee, 
in gardens like Gethsemane. 
Come away with me. Come away. 

Come today with thoughts of the countless ways 
that God's steadfast love blesses all our days, 
and join with me in silent praise. 
Come away with me. Come away. 

Come and say, in words whispered from your soul, 
the feelings and actions you can't control. 
Your spirit needs to be made whole. 
Come away with me. Come away. 

Come away with me to a quiet place, 
to God's loving arms waiting to embrace 
all those who come in hope of grace. 
Come away with me. Come away.

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