Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sweet Baby Mice

A couple of weeks ago I gave Lilly Rose, our Cocker Spaniel, a haircut and threw the hair over the fence for the birds. The other night while  Bradley and I were setting up for a barbecue party, we separated two lawn chairs and found a beautiful field mouse nest made from Lilly's hair, with a new born pink baby inside. The mother mouse dropped to the ground and gave birth to two more babies, right in front of us!

 Brad grabbed a tote box and turned it upside down over the mother mouse. I picked up the two babies and put them with their sibling in the nest and put the nest under the tote with the mother. I propped it up about an inch with some wood and put a cup of bird seed under the tote to provide food for the mom. 

The babies were so pink and sweet and the mom stayed close by her babies even though we were there. I've checked on them each day since and although the mom us not there, the babies are and they're still alive. I pray they live.  I love living in the country.

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