Sunday, September 4, 2016

Walking in the Dark

I love the first two words of this verse! I WILL. The writer is determined to trust in God no matter what comes his way. This is how we all should be. It comes down to this: is God your anchor or not? Do you still trust Him when you can't see the end of the problem? 

God won't let you down. He will always be there, helping you, holding you, providing for you. God is always there and He cares for you. No, this doesn't mean that we will never have sorrow or disappointments but it does mean that when we do He will be there to comfort us and bring us through.

Life is not easy. (Whoever said it would be?) Yes, there are times when life is great. There's not a cloud in the sky but then there are times when the clouds come and the storms rage and it's at times like these that we have to determine that I WILL hold on to God. Even though I'm walking in the dark and see no way out, I WILL still walk by faith knowing that He is there to lead and guide me. 

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