Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Makeover

Tomorrow we begin the task of renovation. We are having new flooring installed in the livingroom, dining room and hallway of the parsonage and it will be beautiful when it is all said and done. But first there are a few things that need to take place before we see the finished result. Bright and early Monday morning we have to move all the furniture into the bedrooms and kitchen, then we have to remove every baseboard moulding without breaking them, then we have to begin the laborious job of taking up the old flooring and removing the thousands of staples underneath. The wallpaper in the foyer has to be removed and the flooring there has to be taken up. Finally we get to sweep the floor and paint the walls. This all has to be finished by Thursday because that's when the installers are coming to install the new floor. First they will put a polymer coating on the floorboards to even the surface out. That then has to dry and set overnight. So the flooring finally gets put into place on Friday and Saturday we can put the mouldings back on the walls and move the furniture in.

That seems like a long process just to have one area of the house madeover but as I've said, it will be beautiful once it's finished. We are just like this project. We are a work in progress. Sometimes we have to undergo unpleasant things, things that we would rather avoid, but when we are through them we realize that we have grown because of the circumstance or we`ve become stronger. God fashioned the first man out of the dust of the ground and He has been shaping mankind to be more like Him ever since. He is the Potter, we are the clay. He will mould us by allowing us to go through trials not because He wants to hurt us but because He sees an imperfection that needs adjustment in our clay. He sees a rough edge that needs smoothing out. He always does everything for our own good.

Our home has to undergo a trial if you will this week but the result will be well worth it. We have the best of intentions for our home, we would never harm it. We want it to look beautiful. God is the same way towards us. He wants us to reflect His nature and be more like Him so when He sees something that is not pleasing to His eye, He`ll adjust it and do a makeover on us. So remember, child of God, the next time that you are going through a trial, the Potter is allowing it so He can mould you to be more like Him.

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