Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's In Your Hand?

In Exodus 4:2 the Lord asks Moses 'what is in your hand?' and Moses replies 'a rod'. To Moses it was only a stick, probably a walking stick that he had used to herd the sheep from time to time; but to God, the Maker of the tree which produced the stick, it could be so many other things. In time it became a serpent to show God's power over the sorcerers of Egypt. Another time it was used to part the Red Sea and yet another time it produced water from a rock when Moses was instructed to use it to hit the rock. It may have only been a stick but when God decided to use it, it became something wonderful. 

What's in your hand? What talent could you be using for the Lord? So many times when we look at what is in our hand we only see a stick, but if we turn that talent over to the Lord and ask Him how it can be used for Him, it can become something wonderful. Maybe you think that you can't be used in ministry because you can't play the piano or you don't speak in front of crowds or sing. But what is in your hand? Can you bake beautiful pies? Why not begin a ministry to shut-ins and bless them with a pie? Many seniors can no longer bake like they did when they were young and especially now that they can't, they would really appreciate the home baking and thoughtfulness. 

Maybe your talent is housecleaning. Some women absolutely love cleaning their house. You could offer to clean house for a new mother or a senior free of charge, just to bless them. Maybe you love to drive. Think of ways that you could use that to bless others. Maybe you could take seniors to their doctor appointments or run errands for them. I think you get my point.

You may think that you only have a stick in your hand, but the Lord wants you to know that if you turn your talent over to Him, He will use it for greatness in His kingdom. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says 
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.... Whatever you do, whatever God has equipped you to do, do it with all your might, with everything you have and do it for the Lord and His work and He will bless you abundantly.

There is a song that I love that seems to go with this thought. It's called Little is Much When God is in it. Read the words but especially look at verse three and remember 'what is in your hand?'

Little Is Much When God Is In It

1. In the harvest field now ripened
There's a work for all to do;
Hark! the voice of God is calling
To the harvest calling you.

2. In the mad rush of the broad way,
In the hurry and the strife,
Tell of Jesus' love and mercy,
Give to them the Word of Life.

3. Does the place you're called to labor
Seem too small and little known?
It is great if God is in it,
And He'll not forget His own.

4. Are you laid aside from service,
Body worn from toil and care?
You can still be in the battle,
In the sacred place of prayer.

5. When the conflict here is ended
And our race on earth is run,
He will say, if we are faithful,
"Welcome home, My child well done!"

Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or fame.
There's a crown and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus' Name.
Lyrics: Kittie Louise Suffield

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