Thursday, May 3, 2012


During supper one night, Benjamin, our oldest, asked me what we were planning to do for the kids for the Kids Club finale at church. I told him we were going to have a puppet show and give the kids t-shirts with a Kids Club logo on them and have pizza for a snack. His eyes lit up at the mention of pizza because he loves pizza. It's probably his favorite food. He jokingly asked me to bring him some home and that was the end of the conversation, we had moved onto another subject. 

As it turned out, there was quite a bit of pizza left over at the end of the night. It was offered to several people and no one wanted to take it so I said that I would take it home. I couldn't wait to show Benjamin when he got home how the Lord had provided pizza for him. But when he walked in the door he was carrying a small box of pizza that he had gone and bought. He didn't get to enjoy the blessing the Lord had given him, instead he had to spend his own money and buy a pizza. There was actually more left over pizza than the one he bought.

 I asked him why he had bought it since God knew it was a desire of his heart to have pizza and like most of us he said 'I just didn't think'. I am not telling you this to put my son down in any way because he is a godly man and he does wait on the Lord for most things, just not pizza, ha ha. But are we not the same? We say we trust the Lord to provide for our needs and to give us the desires of our heart as His Word says, but then we go about trying to make things happen on our own. And what we can come up with on our own is always inferior to what God had in store for us.

 God loves us and He KNOWS the desires of our heart. We don't even have to tell Him. He already knows and He is eager to bless us beyond our wildest imaginations. You might be of the mind that God has more important things to think about than whether or not I want pizza, or whatever the desire of your heart happens to be, but that's not true. Because He loves you, He cares about even the smallest, seemingly insignificant aspect of your life.

 I know in my own life He has blessed me immeasurably over and over again. There have been times when I've had a thought that I would like to have something, a new blouse or a bathrobe or whatever and the Lord has provided it. I didn't have to pray and I could have lived without it but He wanted to show me that He loves me, so He gave it to me. He knows my thoughts. He knows my desires. He knows me inside and out. 

Let me encourage you today to step out in faith and wait on the Lord. Don't be so eager to try and make things happen on your own, wait for the Lord. He knows your heart. He knows what you need and what you desire. Look for Him in everything you do and see. He's there and He wants to show you that He is there by the things He does for you. If you are seeking Him you will find Him if you look for Him with all your heart. 

So how does this work? I can only tell you how I have applied this principle of 'waiting for the Lord' in my own life. If there is a need that I have, I wait until I absolutely need it right now. I wait for the Lord to provide it in some supernatural way, through a person whom I have not told the need to. If He doesn't provide for my need in that way and the time is up, I need it right now, then I know He wants me to spend my own money, which He has provided for me anyway, and to go and buy the thing that I need. I can tell you this, most of the times that I have needed something He has provided it for me from some unexpected source and I am doubly blessed because I know that I had nothing to do with getting it, it was purely from God. 

It all boils down to a control issue. Are you willing to give over the control of your life to God, completely? Or are you still trying to make things happen on your own? Wait on Him and see what He has in store for you. You won't believe your eyes. He will show you great and wonderful things that you can't even imagine. Walk in faith and trust Him. 

“No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Corinthians 2:8

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