Friday, November 2, 2012

You Can Count On Him

Like most people I tend to resist change. I like the stability of knowing how things will turn out. I like the security which comes from predictability, but we live in a constantly changing world and so we must adjust. Technology is constantly being upgraded, so much so, that a brand new computer is practically outdated once it reaches the store shelves. Jobs change. The weather changes. Governments change. People change. 

But the Word of God tells us "I am the Lord, I change not." Malachi 3:6. Why would God put that verse in the Bible? I think He did to remind us that although the world around us will change and the people around us will, He won't. We can always count on Him. We can depend on Him to always show His love towards us, always forgive us, always show mercy and grace, always be fair, always bring justice, always be Who He is. He doesn't change. 

Have you ever met someone who you had to walk on egg shells around? You know the person, the one who has such an unpredictable personality that you never know what will set them off next? One day they're nice and sweet towards you and the next it's like they have a burr under their saddle. I think we've all known people like that. Aren't you glad that our Heavenly Father isn't like that? He does not change. We can be assured that EVERY time we approach Him He will welcome us. We know that EVERY time we mess up and ask for His forgiveness He will be quick to give it to us. He is faithful and true. He doesn't change. 

Maybe you have had someone in your life who has promised to love you forever but forgot that promise after awhile. God isn't like that. He loves you and always will. He will never leave you. He will always be there for you. He doesn't change. You can count on Him to be true to His Word. 

Everything in the world may change but you can count on God to be Who He says He is. 

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