Saturday, November 7, 2015

Give A Lady A Purse

 Let me tell you about a new ministry I've begun in our area and one that you can start in whatever corner of the globe that you live in. It's called Give A Lady A Purse and the idea is to collect gently used handbags/purses from people who have a collection gathering dust in their closet. Next you fill the purses with items such as these:

Facecloth and soap
Water bottle
Powdered drink crystals
Granola bars
Change purse and $5 change
Toothbrush and toothpaste and case
Manicure set
Sanitary napkins
Hand sanitizer
Flashlight and batteries
Bible or a Gospel of John
Pen and notepad
Public transit tokens

Next, you deliver the filled handbags to women's shelters and to homeless women to help restore a little bit of dignity to them by owning a nice handbag and having some basic necessities. Please consider helping a homeless woman with a filled purse. It's a simple way to touch a life and show someone the love of Christ. 

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