Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lacey Jean's Chompers

I love how God sends little things your way when you need them most. We've been grieving the loss of our son and for a while there I didn't know if I'd ever laugh again. Even the weather has been sad: windy, raining and foggy. (Good thing I learned about pathetic fallacy in school). As I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I came across this picture and it reminded me of our first little dog, Lacey Jean. 

We had only been married a couple of years and were trying to have a family but nothing was working right, I guess, because nothing was happening. So we did what any sane (insane) couple would do, we got a puppy. All of my maternal instincts went into that sweet, little puppy and we took her everywhere with us. 

On one particular weekend we went to my husband's parent's cottage in Murray Corner, NB. His grandmother was there as well as his parents. Brad's grandmother loved dogs but would wash her hands after touching them. She was fastidious about it. She never, ever missed an opportunity to get rid of any germs she might have come in contact with from touching furry friends. It's not that she didn't love the dogs, as I've said before, it's just that she was brought up in a time when dogs lived outdoors and carried germs. 

Early Saturday morning, Gram was in the bathroom and the rest of us were sitting in the living room of the cottage, when all of a sudden Lacey Jean came running out of Gram's bedroom carrying her dentures in her mouth! She had them placed perfectly so it looked like Lacey Jean had a full smile! We were laughing hysterically at this silly dog and the more we laughed the faster she ran around the cottage. Then it hit us! Fastidious Gram would have a fit knowing that a dog had her teeth in its mouth! We had to get the teeth away, washed and put back in the bedroom before Gram came out of the bathroom.

It would have been hilarious to see three adults running after a silly puppy trying to get the teeth back. But we were successful. We got the teeth and were going to wash them off, but just then Gram flushed the toilet and we knew we had no time before she was back. The dentures were quickly deposited back onto the night table and a couple of minutes later they were in Gram's mouth!

Keeping our faces straight during breakfast was our greatest acting performance. We never told Gram because we knew she would never have just washed them off or sterilized them, no, Gram would have thrown them out and bought new ones. Gram has since gone on to Glory and she never knew, but I'm sure when I reach that distant shore she'll have a thing or two to say to us. 

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